What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise approach to the remediation of disequilibrium and dizziness symptoms associated with Peripheral Vestibular Pathology. It is an alternative form of treatment involving specific exercises designed to:
• Decrease dizziness

• Improvebalance

• Increase general activity levels

Who Can Benefit?

People who benefit from this type of rehabilitation are those that suffer from dizziness or imbalance due to:
• Inner ear disorder • Brain lesion (stroke, Parkinson’s, head injury) • General deconditioning as a result of inactivity • Patients who have undergone surgery or who have acute or abrupt loss of vestibular

Assessing The Disorder

Assessment of function in a patient with dizziness and imbalance focuses on four major areas:
• Evaluation of the muskoskeletal system
• Balance and gait assessment
• Vertigo assessment
• Visual assessment

After these assessments are conducted, a list of the patient’s needs is generated and a care plan of goals, both short and long- term, are established. An exercise regime is also constructed to best suit the goals and needs of the patient.